Advanced nutrients solution: Monitoring your nutrients

New advanced nutrients Sound to good to be true, but according to the press release 12.2.10, Advanced nutrients company has created an unprecedented new generation and class of hydro-nutrients that experts say are a major break though from today’s hydroponic fertilizer technologies that has been the industry standard for over 72 years.

Adva-Nutrients has recently unveiled their powerful new hydroponic fertilizer pH-PPM Perfect-technology and Bigger Yields Flowering System? that they say, marks a quantum leaps in hydroponics nutrient chemistry, and productivity.

In 1937, Dr. William Gericke at the University of California, Berkley created chemical hydroponics nutrients that were the model for formulas offered to hydroponics growers and gardeners, Those nutrients used the best formulations, ratios and ingredients that were available at that time, and for the most part are still being used today, until now.

Our new generation of hydroponic fertilizer use a totally new class of technologies and compounds to completely change how growers and gardeners will feed their plants.

Advanced Nutrients co-founder Robert Charles Higgins says that traditional hydroponics nutrients forces hydroponic growers to constantly evaluate, monitor and adjust the water chemistry such as pH and parts per million or electrical conductivity.

With pH-PPM-EC Perfect nutrients technology, that balances and maintains a growers pH automatically without any use of equipment, metering or adjusting with chemicals, its now all done for you, That’s because today’s hydroponics nutrients have not change with the times, so they lack the state-of-the-art chelates, compounds, binders, ingredients and manufacturing processes that our new nutrient-Perfect has.

Advanced Nutrients scientists and hundreds of research assistants spent 109 man-years creating the company’s new generation of nutrients that delivers more nutrition directly into plants faster, while also freeing growers from making chemical pH and EC,PPM adjustments, that until now, where required, on a daily bases.

According to company co-founder, the Advanced Nutrients System and pH-PPM Perfect gives growers several other immediately important benefits.

Growers get standardized, more convenient mixing and usage procedures, he says. They get more potent nutrients. And they get value-added formula bundling that saves them money too.The Advanced Nutrients founders acknowledge that pH-PPM Perfect are the first major changes in hydroponics nutrients chemistry and manufacturing since 1937.

What people now realize is this is far more than an add-on or minor change to existing nutrients categories. It’s a completely different kind of hydroponics nutrients system says. Advanced Nutrients.

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