Deep Water Culture: One of the Simplest

Deep water culture

(DWC) is a way of growing plants hydroponically by suspending the root in nutrients rich fertilizer solution, oxygenated water

Old school method

hydroponic bubbler deep water culture

Old school methods favor the use of a plastic container with preferably a sealable lid, with your chosen plant held in place via a hole cut-out of the lid, depending on the final size of your plant more than one plant can be raised in each container

Oxygenating the water sufficiently and constantly is required, usually by means of an air pump rated for continued use, and most commonly used are aquarium pumps attached to a reasonably sized air stone.

Once the roots are established the water level can be reduced by a quarter to a third, exposing the roots to more air.

Exposing the roots this way allows the plant to absorb vastly more oxygen than if the container is left full with water.

However if you water is sufficiently oxygenated, the plant roots can remain submerged indefinitely, but better results are achieved if some of the roots are exposed to air once your plant is sufficiently mature.

I’m guessing you’ve pretty much have an idea of how to build a water bubber, but here’s some more info Deep water culture plans

Recalculating deep water cultures (RDWC)

Recalculating deep water systems found in most hydroponic stores use a separate reservoir, with individual containers connected with small gauge tubing.

Water is recalculated though the tubing by means of a small pump located in the separated reservoir and then back to the water tank via the containers, oxygenating the water as before, but with a larger aquarium pump.

With the two pumps constantly recirculating and oxygenating the water ensures a good mix of nutrients and stabilizes the ph value of the solution.

For information on ph values and testing plus ph values of plant crops and test equipment, click on the link.


If you are looking to make your own water culture system, then why not have a look at some more of my pictures and some plans by clicking on the link below.