Choose The Right Ebb And Flow Hydroponic Setup

Active ebb and flow hydroponic setups simply use a water pump to temporally flood the grow try or bucket with nutrient solution, which is normally done 3 to 4 times a day via a segment timer, your solution then drains, or “ebbs” back to its nutrient container.


ebb and flow hydroponic setup system

Tray ebb and flow

With tray ebb and flow kits make sure its made out of heavy duty PVC plastic, so it can support your ebb & flow plants plus all that nutrient solution “ which all adds up to a lot of weight,” because you want to make certain that when you ebb and flow hydroponic system drains, that the trays bottoms almost dry, but if puddles are left behind what happens is that your inert medium “normally expanded clay” will continual to soak up more solution, and this may well cause root rot, or at the very least leave your ebb and flow system under performing, defeating the very reason why you bought your ebb and flow system in the first place.


Bucket ebb and flow system setups

Bucket ebb and flow “flood and drain” systems are a much safer bet whether buying or homemade, firstly because the individual pots are stronger than trays, so don’t suffer from water logging “puddling” and also these bucket systems can easily be expanded too, either with a shop bought ebb and flow or homemade system.



Top Tip For Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Systems

Weather you decide to build your own ebb and flow or opt to buy one what you do need to check is weather it comes with an over flow Pipe “just like your kitchen sink”(TOP ARROW)and bottom arrow being the inlet from hydro pump, this will not only prevent the obvious, but will also allow “over run” giving your hydroponic medium a good soaking.


Ebb and Flow Timing

This is where ebb and flow can get a little tricky, well tricky if you’re trying to get the best out of your hydro ebb and flow setup.

When your plants are little more than cutting, which have just rooted, they’ll not need much in the way of watering, so maybe just once a day will be just enough, as all your looking for is for them roots to be moist but no more.

As your hydro plants mature they’ll need a little more, but not to much as you’ll defeat the hole hydro principle

The name off the game is to give just enough water solution though the day, so the ebb and flow root system nearly dries out before the next flooding.


Ebb and Flow “The PH of Water” 

As with all hydroponic systems you’ll need to adjust the PH of ebb and flow systems, which is easier than is sound and once you’ve adjusted your PH five or six times, you’ll no just know how much Ph down solution to use, without using a Ph meter “magic.”

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