Why is Hydroponic Drip System Such A Great System?

Like Many a folk, I’ve used hydroponic drip system round my garden, it saves me hours of watering every week, but this hydro system’s very different to garden drip systems

video Above is of my hydro tomato’s plants that i found growing in one of me flower borders,”grow from some tomato’s i must have drop from the follin year” so’s I’ve now dug them up and stuck them in this air lift hydro drip system.

Some Plan’s on how to build an air-lift hydroponic drip system plans , simple hydro system

With my hydro pot plans, well that’s a different story, from my garden grown plants, which in dry spells are given tap water though my automated garden drip system, but my hydroponically grown plants are treated very well “probably to well” there always given water that’s collected off the roof, that’s captured via a “water but” I’m guessing that’s a English only thing, and failing this, when the water buts runs dry, then and only then will I use tap water, but only when it’s been left to stand for 24 hours, so at least all that chlorines evaporated off first. 


Hydroponic drip system and Tap Water

Many scientists are becoming concerned by some of whats being found, and also by the practice of how we make are drinking water safe involves adding amounts of poisonous chemicals to are drinking water.


  • Liquefied Chlorine
  • Alumminium Acid
  • Fluorosilicic Acid
  • Calcium Hydroxide


Sodium Silicofluoride 

Even if your lucky enough to live somewhere that don’t put these nasties into your water supply, your water still has to travel though pipes that have probably been used since the Victorian times, so as you’ve probably guessed, its almost impossible for the water, not to get contaminated on its way to you. So that’s why I always use rain water whenever possible. 


My Resuscitating Hydroponics Drip System

Unlike most drip hydroponics systems that are widely used for hydroponic growing which use a fish pond pump to circulate the nutrient solution though your preferred growing medium, from once to three times a day “depending on your growing medium.”

With my homemade hydroponics drip system which uses an air pump “fish tank pump” to circulate nutrient solution around the system 24/7 and at the same time oxygenating all the nutrients all of the time.

Pot hydroponic drip system that run 24/7 and only supply a very small amount of water solution “just enough to keep your medium moist “ that makes this system, all but in name a nutrient film technique , because of the continual supply of air and water, in just the right amount. 


How Many Plants Will One Drip System Grow

In the picture that you can see, uses 10lt to 15lt and will happily grow four plants to maturity, and like any system around will still need its water nutrients solution changing between 7 to 10 days, as nutrients get depleted, waters used and also evaporation too.


How To Make An Air Pump Hydroponic Drip System

“Now there’s a mouth full,” as soon as I’ve taken some pictures, I’ll be popping up a how to build your own hydroponics Air drip system, and so you don’t miss the updated page….


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