Why use Single Pack Hydroponic Fertilizer

Soil and hydroponic fertilizer company “Growth technologies” are manufactures of commercial crop nutrients and have been since 1984.


Nutrient Innovation



Growth technologies patented IONIC nutrient solution, make available for the first time, a true one Pack hydroponic nutrient solution available. and luckily for me its also the first hydro fertiliser I bought, recommended by the guy down the road that works at the near-by hydro store.


Why Use Single Pack Nutrients


Ionic single pack nutrients for hydroponics locks together all the larger molecules that make up the NPK fertilizer together, making your nutrients ratios just right, every time. Fixing these larger molecules like calcium that’s used for cell walls of plants, basically leaves more available to your plants after the chemical reactions.


· Is One Pack Nutrients Only For Beginners


Many folk say that growth technologies IONIC hydroponics fertilizer for beginners, simply because its easy to use, and don’t understand that it’s the way its made that makes this hydroponic fertilizer so unique to hydroponic plants, “its just coincidence that its also very easy fertilizer solution to use.”


. TIP All hydroponic fertilizers need a real good shake before measuring solution out, but with growth technologies IONIC its particularly important as the larger nutrient molecules that make the solution look less refined, that really need a good shake before poring out.


· What The Main Advantage Of Ionic Hydro fertiliser


For most Folk, me included it’s the stability of+ PH Of Water+ once IONIC fertilizers added that gives this hydroponic nutrient solution its main advantage, as it’s the creation of them larger bound molecules that buffers hydroponic fertilizer, leaving a stable fertilizer for your plants.


Why Use Nutrient Booster For Flowering Plants


Flowering/fruiting plants have a high demand for specific nutrient elements from hydro fertilizer, a vigorous crop can quickly reduce specific nutrient elements, even with bloom nutrient packs and with most plants adding Bloom Booster will increase yield wait and mass.


Potassium in particular as its an important nutrient element for plant growth, Potassium “often called potash” which plays an important roll in fruit size and is often called the plant regulator.Symptoms of depleted potassium nutrient solution are poor flower development, stunted plant growth and poor quality fruit, without potassium plants cannot properly use many other of the hydroponic fertilizer nutrients, which also drive plant growth.