Safety Tips for Hydroponic Grow Room

Water and electrics as we all know, don’t mix to well together, so when setting up a hydroponic grow room it’s always best to play by the rules. 


Installing Grow Lights 


Electrics and grow room safety 

With just a few simple steps you can keep electrics and water apart, so when hanging HID grow lighting Grow Lights For Plants into a grow room, either with yo yo’s or cord/string “so’s you can adjust the height” for safety and peace of mind, also install another chain, attaching it to both light reflector and ceiling/ grow box, this will prevent any damage happening if ever your cord or yo yo’s fails.


Grow Light Ballast Safety 

When installing grow light ballasts, it’s always tempting to just leave it in the corner, out of the way, and although digital ballasts are well sealed, unlike the old transformer ballasts “that you can still buy, although I wouldn’t recommend it” it’s best to either hang them “with the hook provided” as high as possible, or build a grow room shelf. 


Grow Room Relays and Sockets 

With hydroponic grow rooms you could be dealing with up to six electrical sockets, plus your light ballast, so what I’ve found that works well it to use a board to fix everything that’s needed for a hydro grow room. 


Hydroponic Grow Room & Power Cables 

To prevent any water from inadvertently trickling it’s way down your cables and into power sockets, simply put a loop in your grow system and lighting cables, like in that picture above. 


Fuse Boxes And Grow Rooms 

You’ll be surprised at how many folk don’t check there maximum load for there main fuse box, the sensing fuse boxes that trip when say your light bulb goes, can be tripped by old or faulty light ballasts and even new ones as they take a huge amount of current “if only for a few milliseconds” which can be enough to trip a RSD fuse unit, or send them faulty after a few years of use, which is exactly what happened to me “whice infact.”



Hydroponic Grow Tents 

Of course hanging electric inside a grow tent is near on impossible, but what you can do is hang your ballets and sockets on a board still, but have all your electrics out of the tent and on the wall next to the tent, this way your being as safe as you can be.