Coliseum Vertical Hydroponics Will Change The Way We Grow Our Vegetables Forever

Growing plants hydroponically has been used very successfully, and even vertical Colosseum hydroponics,“if you include the gardens of Babylon”.and as you’ll see below hydroponics can fit almost anywhere.


Vertical hydroponics coliseum growing systems

Commercial and Traditional greenhouses, have been using hydroponic systems to maximize crop production, for quicker returns, and now we have vertical hydroponics in all shapes and sizes, there seems to be no limit to what the human mind can create.

“Although like anything else, all these hydroponic technologies have a return on investment. But initially, they’re more expensive”. 

It’s a great idea, vertical coliseum gardening hydroponics, and many others like you and me must also be thinking alike, take a hydroponic system and make it vertical.

In my own garden I have a 7ft by 9ft glass house, and a couple of years ago I thought I should try and maximize the growing area with hydroponics, so I went about installing a nutrient film technique growing system, although the first setup utilized the growing area, “with very pleasing results, I felt more could be achieved”, and now I have, with a little more PVC piping and supports for the greenhouse sides I now have a very affective growing area for all my expensive crop plants, which will keep me, and my family with all the fresh veg and fruit that we can eat, for the summer anyway. 



Pretty much any hydro system can be wall mounted, which brings me to this years fiasco, of my long awaited wall mounted hydro system, “which I’m now allowed to erect “now my other half has seen one at the royal horticultural show, typical”.



Vertical hydroponics will one day I’m sure, be in every part of our lives, given the fact that soon enough they’ll be nine billion of us lot on earth, and the truth is that much of the fertile land that can support crops for any length of time, is already being utilized in some way.

“Just imagine a future where urban and inner city settings are covered in greenery, at eventually ends up on your plate, without the need for transporting food, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles, and at the same time giving us micro climates of cool fresh air that smells great”

You can grow pretty much anything using a vertical-hydroponics system, and the best part is, it can be put together “DIY” for just a few£££’s

You’ll also recoup your cost very quickly, try toting up the cost of how much your monthly fresh veg costs you from your market, then times that by twelve.

“I’ve managed to recover my cost within three months”. 

  • vertical-hydroponics-PVC-system
  • No need for herbicides and pesticides
  • 80% less water (compared to soil growing)
  • Up to four times more produce
  • No soil derogation
  • More grown in less space 



Well that depends on where you’re wanting to grow your prized crop, and also what square footage you’ve got spare “indoors or outdoors.



Well I’m lucky, in the fact that I have a greenhouse and a south facing garden wall that I can grow crops, if I wanted all the way up to the top windows “well if the other half would let me, that is”, but for now six feet will do. The other good places are garage walls or a sturdy fence, but anywhere that’s sturdy and south facing will do nicely. 




Well I love my garden, and have spent many year making it look the way I want, but as I’ve gotten older growing cropping plants for my family to eat has become important, and without my vertical hydroponics gardening system, I was facing the prospect of removing many of well cared for plants, but now with glasshouse and garden walls I grow more than what I could ever grow in my garden, so yes, a very big yes to vertical hydro, as its saved my garden, and for me it’s the future of producing your own veg. 

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