Passive Hydroponics – Wick Hydro Setups

passive hydroponics wick system, is by far the simplest, basic of all passive hydro systems; the wick system does not rely on energy- electricity like other hydroponic set-ups.

No electricity is needed to deliver nutrients; the plants themselves control nutrient enriched water.

A highly absorbent wick, which is placed in a reservoir that contains nutrient enriched water solution, and the other end of the wick is placed inside the container that houses the plant and its medium.

As the plant uses water, the medium-soil dries out, which in turn draws up water from the absorbent wick.


wick hydroponics

Wick systems aren’t really used in high yield plants, as this wick hydroponic system does not have any means of aerating the nutrient solution, The fact that the grow media receives a constant supply of water makes wick hydroponics ideal for growing water-loving plants such as lettuce.

A shop bought wick pot will have a built in water reservoir, that discretely hidden inside the main chamber.

A key advantage of wick-based hydroponics systems is their simplicity. It is possible to build a homemade wick hydroponics system in very little time and for very little cost. Children can enjoy building a wick hydroponics system.